Monday, June 25, 2007

Some Help From the Web

The internet is a great place to get work done... if you know where to look. Here are some helpful sites I have come across this month.

Send password protected PDF files from your Mac. Files can be opened but not altered or printed without a password.

How to use Google spreadsheets and docs. Use live lookup to track your investments, work with a remote team on a document with revisions.

Protect your email address from spam bots with this text to ASCII converter. Input you email address then copy and paste the ASCII output to reduce the chances of your email address being found and used by spammers.

Create name tags for meetings and seminars with Big.First.Name.

Selling online or through the classifieds and want to protect your privacy? Use Numbr to generate a temporary phone number.

Choose a credit card wisely. The Federal Reserve Bank can help you understand and compare the features of different credit card offers.

Looking for an alternative to Microsoft Word? A review/directory of alternative word processing programs.

Find other web based applications for home and office use at Simple Spark.

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