Saturday, July 28, 2007

Assure Your Property Insurance Claims Accuracy

Here on the east coast summer is in full swing, and with summer comes the hurricane season. One of the lessons learned from past storms is the need to be able to verify belongings for insurance claims.

Thankfully, the Internet and digital technology can make this job easier. If you have a digital camera and an email account you can take pictures of your home and its contents and store the images online. This protects your documentation in the event your computer is lost to storm damage. Simply take multiple photos of the exterior and interior of your property to create a digital record of your possessions in case you need to file a claim. Then attach the pictures to an email you send to yourself. If your email provider doesn't allow enough storage space for this you can sign up for a free email account with Google or Yahoo and send the pictures there. Now anywhere you can access the Internet you can access the photos to help with any insurance claim needs.



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